Class Acts On Tour is a full service artist support agency.

We love working with artists and are dedicated to the process of helping artists reach their goals... artistically, personally and fiscally.  We believe in the team approach and pride ourselves on long-standing relationships with artists of all kinds - musicians, dancers, painters, writers, composers, photographers, graphic artists - and the presenters, including arts organizations, non-profit organizations, community organizations, producers, schools, theatres, and colleges.

When booking concerts we feel a strong commitment to the touring artists and the presenters as well as the communities they strive to enrich. It has to work for everyone. This care and attention is extended to community outreach programs, marketing and social media support. Communication is key.

We believe in the power of music and in the beautiful community that comes together when music is created. Workshops range from weekend intensives to week long residential retreats. We specialize in residential retreats and offer inspiring opportunities in North America and Europe. 

Our artists offer extraordinary performances and workshops that captivate and inspire. Breathtaking artistry and personal integrity make working together a joy from the first phone call to the closing curtain ovation. We are proud to represent each one of these remarkable people, and we look forward to introducing you to the artists, the programs, and the possibilities.
― Margie Farmer, Director, Class Acts On Tour
 cell 252-202-0865

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